Catching up..

So much has been done in the last six months, it is hard to know where to begin.

Posted by George Kingsnorth on 16th August 2017

So much has been done in the last six months, it is hard to know where to begin. I have write up the script for ‘The Fiddler’s Wife’ and edited 5 further drafts. Filmed several concerts using multiple cameras, shot several videos for the Newry Film Club to promote the Short Film Competition which will be held on 13th November 2017, entered a writing competition, and delivered a shot talk at the 10x9 session help in Au Cuan, Rostrevor which culminated in me play a tune on my fiddle.

In July, I found myself at the Galway Film Fleadh presenting a talk at the Huston Film School and part of the Creative Momentum initiative which brought together artist and film makers from Iceland, Ireland (both North and South), Sweden and Finland. It was create meeting up with counterparts from the nationals and discovering how we all had similar experiences and issues. The Film Fair was held towards the end of the festival so I managed to pitch to 12 companies. Got some great feedback and am looking forward to implementing suggestions made.

Part of the production work included After Effects work on a corporate video and a spin off from producing the Scribble Animation back in March was some experimentation with 2D draw animation. I am currently refreshing my drawing skills and researching drawing techniques so that I can continue with the animation experiments. One package I wasn’t keen to use before was Adobe Flash. It has been renamed as Adobe Animate and I have been having fun playing around with the software producing a short animated sequence.

The animation was based on rough drawings of poses, then I taped a couple of drawings over one another, on the log cabin windows, so I could place a third sheet over the top to draw in-between images.

A big project this year has been working on a documentary called ‘Higher Quality of Disagreement’. This project has been inspired by singer/songwriter, Tommy Sands, his wife Catherine, Ian White of ‘Changing Perspectives’, and numerous delegates that have attended several ‘Arts a wonder’ conferences. The purpose of the conferences are to bring together people of difference faiths, traditions and ethnicity (mainly the Abrahamic faiths) to explore the differences and often similarities during this time of conflict coming from extremism and radicalism. The hope is to have a shorter version ready for late September to screen before a location audience and gauge their reaction.

I also produced a music video for a local band. I will add a link once the video is finished and available on-line.

As the Summer draws to an end and Patricia and I celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, I am looking forward to new prospects on the horizon.