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As 2015 comes to an end, I find it is a time for revamping things, shifting things around and redefining what we are? What is held within this website are posts compiled over a range of years, providing a cross section of what we have been doing.

For a period of time there were several companies, but as part of our restructuring we have decided that Gullion Media Limited is the primary company and that it was time to close down Kingsnorth Films Ltd and YouTree.TV Ltd. Michael, my brother, has come along side to collaborate, bring his skills in project management, project development and business sense.

There are three main areas Gullion Media Limited is involved with including: video production; on-line courses in media; and publishing. Through this website you can explore some of the video productions, assess books we have published and see our new range of on-line courses currently available through Udemy.com. On a regular basis I will be writing blogs which will include special offers for the courses and bring updates of new course as they are developed and published. We are also in the process of preparing a range of books for publication and have several documentary projects in development. One of our ambitions for 2016 is to produce another feature film, especially as we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of releasing ‘Fiddler’s Walk’.

We hope you enjoy these posts and we encourage you to respond to our blogs and make suggestions to us for courses you would be interested in studying for professional development or for shear enjoyment. Learning is about interaction and we hope that our explorations into media production can also be shared with our readers.

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All the best

George Kingsnorth.

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